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VIDBOX Inc. specializes in developing and distributing consumer technology products, including video & audio transfer and game capture & streaming solutions. Our goal is to develop our products for the mass market by making them easy to use, designing the products and packaging so that it “says what it does, and does what it says”.





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  • For years I've passed by expensive services offering to convert your old VHS tapes and 8 tracks to DVD. Thanks to this handy little device, there's no need for outside help - you can do it entirely on your own and save yourself lots of money.

    Vidfan "Specfellow" - Video Conversion Suite user
  • I am very happy with the simplicity of the device and even more for the simplicity of the interface. All I need to do is record video from an old tape player and save it as a file - that's all.

    J. Kurz - Video Conversion for Mac user
  • Easy to hook up and easy to use. I think I only had to hit two buttons during the entire process. Nice to have something work as advertised. Nice to have something work as advertised.

    "Rabid Reader - VHStoDVD 8.0 Deluxe user
  • We were able to digitize all of my husband's baby videos and they came out great. So easy to connect and run, just note that you must have a VHS player.

    Rachel - Video Conversion for Mac user

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